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Hello World

From the Archives: How I built my first personal website with Jekyll and GitHub Pages

Hello World

Update from 2020: This is a post from the old website, copied over from the archives, but no longer entirely accurate!

Hello World! This is a post. This site is getting real, and this post is its introduction.

Welcome to it, by the way, and thank you for coming to see my website. You'll find posts, projects, and, before too long, a contact form to get in touch with me if needed.

I'm building this site for a few reasons. First is that I am a web developer (sort of) and so I should have my own website. Second is that I find longer-form writing to be a relief and a joy and I want to encourage myself to do it. I have a few hobby projects now and I like to talk about them, or at least I imagine when I finish one of them I will want to talk about it.

It's with that in mind that I've set up my site, with this sidebar on the left here, to show the categories, "Posts" and "Projects". Posts will likely be much more numerous than projects, and some posts will be associated with a project. Right now there are no projects to list, but I suppose I will throw up a page about the Space Party, which is a free-time project of mine, and then I will show you all what I mean.

Edit: Now you can see what I mean.