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Snoogle: For When You Totally Came Up With That First

Snoogle: For When You Totally Came Up With That First

Snoogle™ is a search engine that indexes all the hypothetical stuff you've ever hypothetical invented and tells you (and your annoying friend who won't believe you) whether you totally came up with that thing first that someone else just brought to market.

Snoogle searches your chat/Facebook/Twitter/email history and notifies you when it detects "inventions" you mention in conversation or in public places. If the invention was only discussed in private, Snoogle prompts you to share your idea in public with a nice official-looking "copyright" symbol so no one can scoop you. Then whenever you're trying to convince people you came up with something first, you'll have sources.

The idea was inspired by the time I invented Snapcash on Facebook and then Snapchat came out with a very similar product under the exact same name about month later. (I'm posting it eight months later because I didn't have Snoogle yet.) As a kid, I also co-invented Second Life and Mike's Hard Iced Tea -- but alas, no Snoogle. So a couple other companies took those ideas and went and "built them" and "marketed them" and "sold them" and they got all the credit!

I'm not looking for royalties or anything, I just think it'd be nice if other people knew me as the guy who came up with SecondLife and Snapcash. That's all I'm saying. In fact, this is an important rule of Snoogle: Snoogle is only for use in arguments with friends or as a source for stories; if we catch you using it to sue anyone, we'll take your account away and steal all your ideas.

Comment below and I'll let you know when it's ready for beta testing.