Unnamed Poem Written Far From Home

roof shingles
not mine
but Someone's
home and comfort
not here
but Somewhere
there's peace and quiet
not for all
but For me
foreign streets still welcome
not loving
but Relenting
to power and force
and Will to dominate
these parks and harbours and proud others
not strategic allies
but Sisters and brothers We see
when we look believe
when they speak give up our
day Off to fix the leaky roof
or Give up our distance and our
exclusion and our comfort
so They may know the
peace We covet because life is short and memory is long--
or life is long and memory is short--
who can remember?
we give up our comfortable beds to
another or for the stepping out we have
chosen not to take, chosen not
to See the textures, the wrinkled
faces and cracked shingles of
brothers and sisters We forgot